One In the magazine

Dramatic Historic Fiction Short Screenplay. 

After catastrophic events, Liam, a German boy, is the sole survivor of his countries destruction. Wandering the wastes is lonely. What will Liam have to do to survive? 

The Stonewell Dog Show

Comedic Short Screenplay. 

All bite and no bark. The Stonewell Dog Show, centers around the contestants of an annual dog show and the lengths they'll go to win. 

Acute Angle 

Comedic Short Screenplay. 

A wacky and raunchy comedy about a young boy's first day at school. 

Retrograde - War With the lower 3rd

Comedic Advertising Script

A news anchor and their lower third battle it out in this very short script.

Retrograde - Cyborg

Comedic Advertising Script

If you're a cyborg, you legally have to tell me. 

Retrograde - Mesothelioma

Comedic Advertising Script

If you or a loved one...

Retrograde - Mission impupsable

Comedic Advertising Script

Remember remembering?

Femme de la fin

Dramatic Noir Short Screenplay

Achieved Best Writer's Award for the University of Central Missouri's Filmmakers and Actors Coalition.

What a world we live in. Lucy, a lady of the night, becomes a lady with a plan in this short noir piece.